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Name:Bran / Robin Goodfellow / Puck
Birthdate:Jun 10
"There are hardly any excesses of the most crazed psychopath that cannot easily be duplicated by a normal kindly family man who just comes in to work every day and has a job to do."

- Sir Terry Pratchett

Robin Goodfellow is charming, pleasant and decidedly not to be trusted. He is a conman and a trickster... oh, and a spirit you may have heard of if you like mythology, or just was forced to read Shakespeare in school. "Puck" isn't such a good name if you want to be discreet though, so he tends not to go by it much these days.

Worth to note is that this is absolutely not Shakespeare's Puck, and Robin isn't exactly the creature from the folktales either. He's a half fae that became a Puck by choice. Details are gotten by clicking the history link.




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